Our offer:


Company that owns a real estate (building) in Čierne village (district Čadca, region Kysuce) together with 4 500 m2 of land (1,11 acres).

  • The real estate is located in a mountain area of Kysuce near the border with Czech Republic and Poland.
  • Offered object is suitable for building of sanatorium (with focusing on air passages) – project documentation (with construction permit) is elaborated.
  • The building can be also used as a ranch, cottage, recreational facilities, villa – with the possibility of purchasing other adjacent lands.


Possibilities of acquisition:


a) purchase of the real estate:

  • selling price of the real estate is 132.775  € including VAT
  • the real estate has one owner and there are no encumbrances


b) purchase of 100 % ownership interests in the company:

  • selling price of the company is 132.775 



Real estate in Cierne village


Project Sanatorium (with the construction permit)


What offers the surrounding of village Cierne:


1. The possibilities of skiing in the area:

Snow Paradise Veľká Rača international ski resort with an interesting location – located near the border with the Czech Republic and Poland. Also the access to this resort is convenient and during the winter safely maintained. Number of ski slopes: 13 for all categories of skiers.

Ski areal Mosty u Jablunkova – areal in Czech Republic. In winter season it offers 3 groomed ski slopes (2100 m), artificial snow, intense lighting of ski slopes, ski school, 44 km of groomed trails, bobsled (use during the whole year).

Ski Makov – it´s the ski resort with three stars. It is located in the village Makov, at the interface of mountains Javorníky and Beskydy, district Čadca. The resort is popular especially among young families with children because there are wide ski slopes allowing safe skiing.

Ski Čierne (Zlatá Kačka/The Golden Duck) – located in the village Čierne. In this resort there is a ski lift with a lenght of 900 m. Total trail length is 1,5 km. For children there is rope tow and ski school.


Ski Makov


Snow Paradise - Veľká Rača


Ski Čierne (Zlatá Kačka/The Golden Duck)


2. Kysuce museum in Čadca:

Museum Vychylovka – ethnographic exposure in the nature of Kysuce museum in Čadca.

Historical forest Railway – it is an organic part of Kysuce Village Museum in Nová Bystrica – Vychylovka.

Manor-house Radoľa -  one of the oldest historical object in Kysuce, it is a renaissance type of yeoman seat.

National History Museum in Krásno nad Kysucou – the exhibition presents the flora and fauna of north-western Slovakia. The main attraction is a replica of mammoth female in her life size.


Museum Vychylovka


Historical forest Railway


Manor - house  Radoľa


3. „Trojmedzie“ – hiking trail:

Trojmedzie is the area where the borders of three countries meet – Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. This place is very popular with many tourists from different countries.


Borders of three countries


  Super - bridge


Kysuce, a region which has something to offer everyone